G. Wagon Benz

 $499.99 /Per Day

Pickup Date & Time
Return Date & Time

Requirements: 30 years old or older valid drivers license major credit card full coverage insurance, or liability coverage that will extend over to the rental with the purchase of our collision insurance for $25 a day. Must provide proof of residence with utility bill or phone bill or some form of statement showing your current address.

Security Deposit: $700 refundable 1-2 business days if the car is not damaged.

Miles: 250 Free miles a day. Example you book vehicle 2 days you have total of 500 free miles. If exceeded the total miles during the trip you owe $1.50 each additional mile you went over.

No smoking: Fine for smoking is $150.00

Gas: 93 gas is required we ask for receipts when you return or send pictures of receipt. If you don’t provide receipts its $100 fine. We also ask that you put the gas back where it was when you Picked up the vehicle.

Rims: Curb rash is damage from hitting curbs $150 fine

Returning late: you have 1hour after return time to return the vehicle or you will be fine $60 for each hour you late.

Cleaning Car: You Must Return the car back clean on the inside no trash or dirt. Return it how you picked it up. $40.00 Fine for not cleaning out the vehicle.

Tolls/Tickets: you are responsible to pay all tolls/tickets if we receive your bill in the mail weeks later.